April and some May!


In one week, The Big One and The Biggest One will make their way to Texas, and The Little One and myself will stay here until school finishes, and then fly out on the 19th of June! I will have a separate post about leaving Liberia. It’s definitely hard! 
Until then, Here are several videos and photos since its been such a long time since we’ve posted (sorry!)

We went on the ECE playground and she had a blast!

She randomly went up to this little boy at the Arts and Crafts show during a song:

Remember the Frozen alarm clock that The Big One got with her Christmas money from Mimi and Pops? The one that plagues me….er, that I adore? 😉 Well turns out The Little alone is obsessed with it. She calls it “let it go” and sings it all the time! I finally caught part of it…but not from the alarm clock! Now she recognizes the characters (ugh for me!) and found them on Sister’s chocolate tin. 

We came in the house and she didn’t want to get out of the stroller- yelling at me when I would come close. Then this happened! 😂

Here are some giggly sisters!

Fell down on the cement 😥

The next day…poor baby!


Playing in a box with sister!    
Not asleep, just closing her eyes in anticipation of the flash…but it’s so cute!!


The Big One used some leftover fondant to decorate Daddy’s birthday cheesecake. Isn’t it beautiful? All her own idea!
Our nanny, sweet E!


Star Wars Day garb 🙂

The Little One is several months older, but it’s still a fun skirt comparison. 
Went to the Arts and Crafts Show at the Embassy and this little nugget fell asleep at lunch afterward.


Sweet girl!

Some teacher appreciation gifts for me- I was so thrilled!


Our ‘loot’ from the A&C show:
A little comparison:


The doctor will see you now! 😉


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