Paris in the Springtime

This is a post filled with only pictures from a touring company in Paris called Localers. We chose a tour called the Parisian Lifestyle Photo Shoot. We chose it because our flight was changed to fly directly out of Paris instead of Brussels, and this shoot was the last one available-ish. After lots of emailing and them trying to reach us via my mom’s phone number, they worked with us to fit our specific window to get to the airport on time. I’m pretty sure our photographer, Olaf, skipped his lunch hour and met with us right away- for which we were very thankful!

So, basically we got a tour of some of the lesser known parts of Paris, plus about 200 professional pictures to keep from the afternoon. Woohoo! Unfortunately, they’re such high resolution, my app crashes when I try to add descriptions. (Typical Liberia) So if you have a question about one place- just ask! 🙂


Sweet girls 🙂_B6D1138_B6D1139_B6D1142_B6D1143_B6D1147

She wanted to walk on this bench alone so badly!_B6D1149

Big sis needs to work on her jumping action shots_B6D1151_B6D1153_B6D1154_B6D1156_B6D1164_B6D1167_B6D1171_B6D1173_B6D1175_B6D1178_B6D1182_B6D1183_B6D1184_B6D1187_B6D1193_B6D1200_B6D1211_B6D1212_B6D1214_B6D1229_B6D1231_B6D1235_B6D1237_B6D1239_B6D1241_B6D1245_B6D1246_B6D1249


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janet Lopes says:

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like you guys had an awesome trip!!❤️


  2. Yvonne Cadra says:

    Pics are really good…..can’t decide which ONE of the family I like the best. Also, soooo many good ones of the Big One.,,,,wanted to compare her now with a ‘then’ sepia photo from several years ago, but her eyes weren’t as open. Still many that could be added to her portfolio….truly has the look of a natural model. Cutie Little One appeared to have a good time….glad they caught her scrunchy face! Lady, you still are a natural beauty & looked so content. Biggest One, you looked happy too – I think – is hard to tell since the giant brillo pad runs interference! So glad the photo/tour worked out and you had a good vacation.


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