Kendeja again

Yesterday we had a scheduled power outage from noon – 6 so we could get a new generator something something that would kick it back on instead of having to manually turn it on, which our business manager would have to do before, even in the middle of the night. 😦

So, since it would be stagnant air for 6 hours, we all went to the beach again! And by beach, I mean we swam at the pool at the beach resort. I’m not going into that crazy water again for a while!! 

Didn’t take pics til we were out of the pool. Here’s The Little One while we are. Our friend said she looked like she had on a bow tie and suspenders. (And a few skeeter bits on her sweet face 😦 ) 

The Biggest One and his typical photo face:  

The Big One was excited that kids came nearer the end of our time
  The coworker who went with us is the ECE 3s & 4s/Art teacher and lives next door to us. We get along quite well. I’m sure it has nothing to do with our love of the arts and little children at all. 😉 We went down to the beach to put our toes in (and up to our shorts when a huge wave crashed up!)

I love the different colors in the sand here!

And the cool designs when the water recedes. 


And it makes for a lovely picture:

And lastly, here’s a video of the ocean. It’s very active, the sand part is very steep (so when you look at the dad and son you can see why the water is so high on them), and the waves get big! Definitely not for mediocre swimmers!


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  1. eden rancano says:

    love the beach pics! Hey- you have heard about the Zika virus scare over here in Central and South America right? I think it started in Asia and Africa- any local concerns for Liberia with this virus? Just wondering


    1. stefzit says:

      Haven’t heard anything about it over here- just news articles on my Facebook feed from Texas friends who are close.


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