Random Update!

Ok- here’s an update from our last two weeks! 

We had The Big One’s birthday party (again) here on the 16th, and it was a murder mystery party. I think the kids had fun, and I know she loved being Muffy the Millionaire in the mystery!

The PE teacher came with her daughter (from The Big One’s class) and brought some mystery mustaches. We decided it was hilarious on The Little One!   

The best one I could snag of them both mustachioed!

The birthday spread!

Remembered (barely) to get The Biggest One to snag a video!

The next day, we played a lot outside! This is her first time on the swings!
The following weekend our whole family was invited to a birthday party for twins in my class. It was a swim party, and we had a great time! It was at a private compound, that had some sweet grass in the pool area! (Oh, the little things that excite us! 😉 ) 

I only thought to shoot these two photos, since the rest of the time was spent with The Little One in the pool, or keeping her from the pool- she loves water!!

  Just having some sister dance time:

This is a professional shot from P’s wedding and I just love it!

This dress was a birthday gift before we left, and I snapped this because I wanted to send her a shot of the dress, but her little cheese face is too great not to share here! (And the dress is super cute!)

 Today, we got a new app. It’s called FaceSwap Live and it’s hilarious! You can swap faces with some celebrity pictures, or with someone else on the screen. Here are some of the hilarious results!!

Lastly, here are a few random videos:


Playing with Dada:

There was a horse on an episode of Pysch that made a neighing sound and she started imitating it…in her own cute way. Mostly, all animals get a puppy sound these days ‘woo woo wow woo!’

And for our final party trick: she likes to announce all fun things with you saying one, and she finishes ‘ooooo, yeeeee!’ It’s pretty darn cute! 

Ok, that’s all for this week! Hope you’re having a lovely winter right now! We miss it!!!


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  1. eden rancano says:

    so everytime I see Stephens beard it reminds me of Leonardo Dicapprio’s beard in The REvenant- random comment I know but just had to comment- love the big ones new bob hair cut! love and kisses for everyone!!


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