16 months old!

Oh just a few wee changes…hair…ginormica size…the usual for our large babies!

She was snuggling with me on the couch and I tried to sneak some pictures, but the little ham saw the camera immediately!

Her ‘cheese’ face!
Ignore my face…her eyes are lovely!

Two piggies!

More ‘cheese’ face!

Also, last weekend we attended an Arts and Crafts fair at the embassy. The kids performance groups were invited to attend and beside my helping with them after school, The Big One is on the younger kids’ team: Shine. She has a solo at the beginning/middle of the piece and does a great job! Also, for some perspective- the girl to our right of The Big One in the video is a 5th grader and the girl to our left is a 2nd grader. Yowza this girl’s gonna be huge!

Ps- just 8 days til we leave for Christmas vacation in Texas. Yaaaaaay! That also means 7 days til my school-wide Christmas program….wah-wah 😕


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  1. Erika. M says:

    She is just too cute!!


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