November in Liberia

November is a crazy month, school schedule-wise, especially when you add in the time away for my dad’s funeral. The school has to observe both Liberian and American holidays, and November is full of ’em! First, there’s two days off (5th & 6th) for Liberian Thanksgiving, which one of our drivers told me that everyone really does go to church in the morning, then has a big feast with all their family, and maybe goes to the beach in the evening. Then we had the 11th off for Veterans Day, but that was the first day I was gone for the funeral, and I didn’t return until the 19th. 

By the way, that was my birthday- some colleagues took me out that weekend. This is the only pic from the evening. It was funner  than this lets on. 😉


Then, we had American Thankgiving, and finally today is a past Liberian president’s birthday, so that’s off too! That means I only saw kids on days: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 19, 20, 23, 24, and 25. 10 days. Crazy! 

So, we didn’t have a real thanksgiving celebration for Liberian Thanksgiving, but we did have two Thanksgivings 

This past Thursday my school got invited to the American Embassy’s Thanksgiving celebration, and we decided to attend, even though we had already made plans to host a little Thanksgiving at our place.  

Thanksgiving 1 was outside the U.S. Ambassador’s home on the embassy compound. I didn’t have time to take pictures of the beautiful, seaside landscape, because The Little One was ENAMORED with all the stairs and kept going nonstop. But, as the ambassador made her rounds, I did ask to have a picture taken with her, as The Biggest One was itching for a shot since the Marine Ball! 


The Little One likes to put diapers on her head sometimes and The Big One and I think she looks a bit like a pilgrim!

For Thanksgiving 2, we decided to grill our Cajun turkey, as we have done for about 5 years, on our new grill:


The turkey wasn’t too bad, considering it was probably shipped from the U.S. a while back. We had a few coworkers over, American, Belgian, Ghanan, and Kenyan. Our friend M carved the bird, and these pictures are courtesy of Ms. E, who took most of the Kendeja Resort pics a few posts ago.    


Here’s what I managed to squeak in of the food itself. We tried several new recipes, all of which were pretty tasty! 

The macaroni was delicious, but should definitely be eaten fresh!

Next up we have some scalloped potatoes in front of the pie. I actually used white potatoes instead of sweet, simply since we couldn’t find any here, but I plan to have that dish again. It was so yummy! 


Speaking of pie, I wanted to try some things a little differently this go round. We used this pumpkin pie filling recipe, except since I didn’t have Pam Spray, I used butter. When I made the second pie, I didn’t use butter because the pan was floured a bit from something else, and the crust was noticeably different, dry and much browner than before. I will always butter it now! Speaking of crust, I tried this little gem from Paula Deen, but I added a nice layer of cinnamon to the flour before adding the water. It’s so yummy!! I highly recommend cinnamon crust for pumpkin pies (and probably more!), and seriously…this crust is delightful! I am not the biggest fan, but maybe it’s because I’ve been eating junk crusts for quite some time! Maybe it’s the loads of butter… 😛


Ps- that’s supposed to be a smilie face with its tongue out. We had just –> <– that much crust left over… 🙂

Oh, and my November post would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Red Raider win against texas! Wow, that was a great game to watch, especially since it ran from 12:30-4:00 AM our time! Bleh! But it was glorious!! Maybe it had something to do our Double T ice cubes from the day? 😉


Lastly, I had a little snuggle bug yesterday. She’s been very active and communicative, but as we watched Home Alone, she sat in my lap for a good, long time. It was so nice! She is definitely learning so much more these days, and, whether or not it is good for her, I think she was picking up on some people interactions from the movie! Plus, she’s able to listen more and be patient, as long I I keep repeating what she’s waiting for (do you want more milk? Momma will get more milk but you have to sit. See I am getting the cup first. Etc.)it’s pretty pleasant! 
Well, November is coming to a close and I need to still get to my classroom for some Christmas program work. That will be on the 17th, and is the whole school. It has been nice getting to choose songs that I like myself, and having things done my way 😉 Oh, and stay tuned for a certain someone’s Mrs. Claus role to be shown soon! 



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