I haven’t shared the voting info because the picture was disqualified. I’m pretty sure it’s because you can’t see her diaper so she looks naked. I’m so sad. I’m trying to take other good ones but it’s just not the same. *le sigh* I tried to edit these next few on the computer, but none…

Gerber Contest and a Bale Party!

Well folks, I wanted to share lots of the pictures I took during my ‘frantically shoot some cute pics before the sun goes down since it’s already 6 and Stephen leaves tomorrow with the good camera’ Gerber baby photo contest, but the internet is taking FOR-EV-ER tonight, so I’ll just share the couple on my…

Rainy Walking

On Saturday we got out in the rain for a 1 mile walk.  What got us out there, on a Saturday morning in the rain, you ask?   Our friend back home shared with us about her cousin’s daughter, Grace, who was diagnosed with a very rare disease that will probably keep her from seeing her 10th birthday….

Multi-age mastery-based flexible grouping system. 

Yes. All of those words. Sometimes we chant them together as a school. It’s a little crazy. But it’s also a pretty cool program. The kids take adaptive tests throughout the year and we juggle them around to where they are with their academic peers. It’s kind of like differentiation across  first-fifth grade. Anyway, this…

Board Game Fun!

 Quirkle is a fun game. If you haven’t tried it, you should!     Kylie won with 172 points!